Cecil Balmond Studio Ideas Competition success – Wanqing Wong wins


Balmond Studio's ideas lab, TiP (Thinking in Practice) brings together the thinking, theory, and invention being explored by some of the world’s leading artists, design practitioners, theoreticians, and scientists in a single collective platform through interviews, essays, musings, and memos. TiP seeks to showcase original ideas, a piece of work that challenges the norm- something that pushes the boundaries, creating an alternate way of thinking. Essentially, Re-think 2017 is a celebration of vision, ambition and originality. The intent is to synthesize our spectrum of knowledge and promote new ways of thinking about our world.

The Judges' made the following comments:

" Innovative and original with real world potential, Wanqing’s concept impressed the judges. The Urban Beach Corridor is an architecture of resistance. A re-think that proposes new experiences and purpose through the demolishment of urban infrastructure, revealing the ‘Beach’. The ‘Beach’ is an undesignated public space that also acts as a tool to manage and control water usage in the city."


Link to my published work http://tip.balmondstudio.com/tip/urban-beach-corridor/