Concourse Presents Health + the City


Representing Concourse, Cian Glasheen took on the role of Chair. Concourse was formed in 1997 to bring together professionals from the built environment disciplines. As an independent charity, it is a hybrid vehicle combining the knowledge, skills and interests of artists, architects, academics, landscape and urban designers, town planners, surveyors and engineers. Concourse was established to promote interprofessional collaboration and public engagement which is essential when tackling complex, multifacted issues such as creating a Healthy city.


Presentations by both Dr Ian Cameron, Leeds Director of Public Health, and Michael Chang, Town and Country Plannning Association, emphasised the important role of health in the inception of the planning movement within Britain. Public health reforms of the 1800s saw public authorities use planning as a tool to improve the health of the increasing urban population. The foresight of the long term benefits on the health of its citizens led to investment in citywide infrastructure. Work to draw Health and Planning closer together moving forward. 


Aisling Ramshaw, Commercial Estates Group, spoke about considerations of health in the creation of a new community at Kirkstall Forge whereas Kate Nicholson, Group Ginger, delivered a presentation on the New Neighbourhood Utility which sees a new intervention into an existing neighbourhood.