Group Ginger selected to present at World Health Organisation Conference


Health: The Design, Planning and Politics of How and Where We Live is an intentionally interdisciplinary conference to stimulate critical debate about the standard practices dominating the built environment. Kate Nicholson and Simon Baker will present the ‘Future of the Food Axis’ at the conference in January at the University of the West of England, Bristol. The paper will trace a history of the home, looking specifically at back to back housing in Leeds and Public Health Initiatives to propose a new neighbourhood utility.

The ‘Future of the Food Axis’ was considered to be very appropriate to the conference themes of health and the built environment and very likely to stimulate debate. It represents very original research, examining housing through the lens of food and associated waste with original theoretical insights, introducing new findings of interest to the conference.

Further comments from selection panel include:

 “I feel this could fit on one of two strands of the conference: food related or housing. Well expressed and founded in history, theory and practice it should be a valuable contribution”

“A really interesting social and architectural history is discussed here, linking cultural theory of food consumption/waste with housing typologies in Leeds. This is quite unique I feel.”