Group Ginger Shortlisted for Architect of the Year Awards 2018


Group Ginger has been shortlisted for the following categories

Young Architect of the Year:

Our name derives from the political term, a ginger group. Ginger groups work to identify alternative ideas for the benefit of their host. As such Group Ginger works with clients to identify opportunities which amplify development potential and celebrate activity. 

We are six individuals with strong voices, ambitions and different cultural backgrounds. This rich mix contributes to the active debate pursued through each project. Studio culture is an essential aspect of Group Ginger. Located within the Tetley Art Gallery, the office is part of an active and growing creative community. Exhibitions continually change, adding to the dynamic exploration and healthy debate of our work environment. 

Group Ginger is a culmination of its member’s passions, both architectural and beyond.

We have worked for national practices, gaining extensive project experience across many sectors, including retail, leisure, office, residential and culture. We use this experience when addressing problems but maintain our enthusiasm to explore fresh ideas. Our interest extends beyond the provision of an Architects service and includes, brand development, interiors, furniture and the design of temporary events. 

Common to our work is an objective to push beyond the architectural object and explore the potential of creating social spaces, focused on place-making and experience. Working outside of the capital, developing a sustainable economic model for each project is just as important as the spatial objectives of the scheme.

Every project to date has had people at the forefront. We constantly seek new projects and ideas that interest us, developing the unusual and interesting, rather than pursuing schemes simply for profit. Creative intelligence underpins this working method. Approaching each scheme with the same enthusiasm and rigour we have done with the first. As a young, small, dynamic studio, we strive to make great spaces for people, while enjoying the journey each project brings.


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Small Project Architect of the Year:

Small projects require architects to look beyond the architectural object and consider the wider context of the design opportunity. This is about considering value, both financial, and cultural, as well as the surrounding environment be that urban centre or area of special scientific interest.

The success of smaller projects is about listening to and understanding the clients’ objectives. Translating the project objectives and business proposition into spatial opportunities of participation. Projects like Leeds College off music and Tophill low make an impact when they resonate with context and provide focus to an existing environment. Tophill low is a deceptive little building full of complexity. The building alters its environmental setting creating new natural habitats changing land form so that inclusive access is provided for all in an immersive environment. Diverse audiences are celebrated not just accommodated.

Diversity and inclusion have lead the ambition for Leeds College of Music . At Leeds College of Music, the client was looking for a flexible venue space, capable of hosting gigs, lectures, seminars, workshops, a café/bar and a working environment for the college’s students throughout the academic year. As the largest conservatoire outside London, the colleges expanding estate had led to the purchase of a rooftop over the top of the BBC broadcasting centre in Leeds. The complexity of the project was both in providing spaces that could offer added value, while working on a constrained, landlocked urban site.


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