Park Hill Sheffield – Urban Splash, Phase 2

The Demanding Mistress


Now, as it embarks on plans for a second Phase of the building, Urban Splash has appointed architects Mikhail Riches to undertake new designs which will include up to 200 homes and approximately 30,000 sq ft of commercial space.

Urban Splash Co-Founder and Creative Director Jonathan Falkingham MBE explained: ‘We gave each of the six shortlisted architect practices a flat and a two-week window in which they could design it however they wished, before then ‘inviting’ Urban Splash and our partners into “their” home. It’s a process which allowed each practice to see the constraints and opportunities that this building brings as well as allowing us to see realised ideas insitu. It was such a refreshing way of doing things and really stimulating to see the variety of ways each practice chose to tell us about their vision.’

Other shortlisted architects included Alma-Nac, Architecture 00 and Project Orange from London, Group Ginger from Leeds, and Sheffield based OS31. Concluded Jonathan: ‘We also must thank all the shortlisted architects – we hope they enjoyed the experience as much as we did. It was a riveting architectural competition that generated an exceptional creative standard and something that I think each shortlisted practice deserves great credit for.’