Peter Bennett House

Remodelling and Refurbishment


Group ginger win limited competition to secure the opportunity to refurbish and modernise a flagship office building at Lawnswood business Park, Leeds.

Group ginger were selected as they met the client’s requirements of providing imaginative and cost-effective design solutions to upgrade the building to attract high quality future tenants. Their approach focussed on occupant well-being and an exceptional building environment.

Peter Bennett House is the largest of eight office buildings on Lawnswood Business Park, built around 1990, 4 miles north of Leeds city centre. This flagship building has been in occupied since 1993 with no significant modernisation works undertaken, and the building is now in need of modernisation and improvement.

Hillview Beta Holdings Limited, wish to improve the external appearance of the building and modernise the interior so it can successfully compete with other similar schemes to attract and maintain high quality tenants. 

Hillview selected group ginger through a limited competition to provide imaginative and cost-effective design solutions to upgrade the building. AA Projects will provide project management, principle designer and cost management roles.

In our approach we have considered the client objectives to improve the external appearance and modernise the interior with a particular focus on the entrance sequence and reception to attract high quality tenants. Conscious of not over capitalising the property and cognisant of the necessity to provide a comprehensive refurbishment inclusive of all M&E we have considered the whole building environment to develop proposals where the investment in renewed building services can contribute to the enhanced performance and appearance of the building.