(Re-) Activist Architecture


In my final year at Sheffield School of Architecture I was part of Studio (Re)Activist Architecture, run by Simon Baker and Helen Statford. The studio’s ethos, which drove us to challenge the status quo and become experts of our chosen topics, gave me the opportunity to investigate and link my personal and architectural interests as I had not done before. The studio sought unconventional spatial solutions to real world contextual issues and involvement with local developers, councillors and organisations pushed me to investigate the realities of a shift towards mass bicycle transit through architectural investigations. In addition to the studio developing and resolving complex architectural proposals, we examined potential real world stakeholders for our projects and shaped how we spoke about, represented and critiqued our projects in accordance.

The methodologies practiced in the studio and the advice I was given over the course of the year significantly contributed to my successful application for the RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship Award. I am now a member of the Construction Industries Cycling Commission and undertaking a global study of cycling infrastructure in developing megacities.

To follow his progress please use this link where you will be able to track his movements from one Mega City to the next. Cycling Mega Cities.