Yorkshire Post Business Club breakfast seminar


“How do we balance the three drivers for infrastructure change – national scale development, city scale ambition and human scale occupation – to achieve long term sustainable growth that people want to participate in and enjoy?’’

Allison Dutoit; Gehl Architects

“How can international master planners make their schemes locally relevant, good for stimulating business and entrepreneurial activity, whist making way for the delivery of top down, national level infrastructure?”

Jan Gehl Architects have recently been appointed by Leeds City Council to work with Arup to prepare a South Bank master plan strategy which incorporates the proposed HS2 interchange. Allison Dutoit discussed the practice’s approach to maintaining local relevance, avoiding alienation and market stagnation, whilst attempting to deliver large scale change and intervention.

Rachael Unsworth; Urban Futures

“How can land, buildings and spaces be managed effectively for the long-term benefit of a city, rather than for the short-term support of a minority of users?”

Drawing on new research gathered in Leeds and Birmingham, Rachael outlined those factors identified by start-up and emerging businesses that have supported their growth, and are defining successful new communities within developing parts of the city.

Chris Brown; Igloo Development

“How do you realise the true value of a place?

Who are the pioneers, visionaries and game changers that alter perceptions to justify investment? “

Chris will discussed ethical investment fund Igloo has reinvented and redefined the meaning of value, not relying on traditional development models to realise potential. Creating environments designed as catalysts for making things happen; being the first to have a go, rather than waiting for others to try and capitalising on their initiative.