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Gg ice image 4s I Fuge
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Cool Venues

Gg ice interior sketch

May 2018

Fast, furious and theatrical… ice hockey might one day become as popular as football.

Group ginger secure position with ice rink specialist to develop a series of rinks across the UK. Its early days but GG are developing proposals for two possible projects in the UK which look to build upon the rising popularity of ice hockey and ice skating in general. The rinks will be of league standard with spectator seating to provide local teams the ability to train and host league matches.

Ice hockey in the UK is experiencing a peculiar moment of popularity becoming the most watched indoor sport in Britain, and the third most popular winter sport.

Group ginger are developing proposals which deliver a cost-effective external enclosure and a theatrical interior capable of supporting the spectacle, be that dance, hockey or leisure.

“There is a moment, at the start of every game, when the lights black out and the entire arena falls into a simmering, theatrical darkness …” - Sheffield Steelers

Gg ice image 4s I Fuge
Gg ice diagram