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The Free Room

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January 2018

Group ginger is always interested in projects that have the potential to transform the perception of a space, bringing multiple uses and activities which in turn enliven an area and enhance the visitor experience. Small projects can be just as influential as large scale developments. What started as a toilet block and harbour facilities building has been transformed into valuable community asset.

The Convenience will provide all the necessities including toilets, showers and laundry, but the over large extended roof permits multiple additional activities. The free room above the toilet facilities can be a stage, a training space, a community room, whatever the local community need it to be. By utilising the adjacent car park for community events, drive in cinema, ice rink, performance the free room extends to become a venue. The intervention is economically and environmentally self-sufficient, generating its own electricity through PV panels, harvesting rainwater, making use of ground source heat pumps and strategies balancing income and maintenance.

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