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GG Endeavour Wharf Artwork

Yorkshire‘s renewable energy centre

GG Endeavour Wharf View01

Endeavour Wharf

This office headquarters and operations centre for renewable energy specialist, Dalby Offshore Services, uses the Whitby’s existing port infrastructure to build a sustainable new sector for the town. The new facility will act as a combined centre for operations and maintenance, marine control, training and a public exhibition centre.

Endeavor Wharf will act as an operations and maintenance base for servicing offshore wind farms in the North Sea and will support vessels relaying personnel, goods and maintenance services via the Port of Whitby, complemented by the development of a pontoon facility at a quay nearby.

Whitby Port has a unique selling point, being geographically important to offshore wind developments in the North Sea and has the potential to provide excellent facilities to the operations and maintenance industry. Whitby has open access to the sea and some 300m of wharf space available to support both current and the next generation of fast support craft.

GG Endeavour Wharf Massing Concept
GG Endeavour Wharf View03
GG Endeavour Wharf Aerial Diagram

Group Ginger’s designs for the project are probably the most significant development in the centre of Whitby in recent times. Endeavour Wharf is part of the working harbour, is on the fringe of the historic town centre. The design reinforces the character of the waterfront, complementing the conservation area and wider townscape.

In urban terms, waterfront locations have historically been the most valuable in a town. In Whitby this has led to locally distinctive massing and building forms. The wharf buildings traditionally have narrow gables fronting the river and extend back from the front to maximise value and efficiency.

At Endeavour Wharf, the varied gables and heights articulate the building in a way that reflects the incremental growth of Whitby. The client, Dalby, hope to to attract other businesses to Whitby to create a “renewable cluster” of Companies. The development will bring much-needed economic growth opportunities to Whitby and the wider North Yorkshire area, creating high quality direct and indirect job opportunities for the community.

Group Ginger engaged the local interested community with the design proposals and the development. Early consultation informed the competition entry and responded to key feedback, to create a centre piece for Whitby, a design that followed wharf traditions to deliver a building that wasn’t ‘dull’.

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