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An off-grid studio for a sculptor and his gardener wife.

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Sculpture Studio

Nestled among the verdant vegetables, this self-sustaining sculpture studio stands as a sanctuary for artist and sculptor Keith and his gardening wife, Tess, where their creativity flourishes. Carefully crafted within the bounds of Permitted Development, Group Ginger has designed a modest yet elegant single-story structure.

Within its walls lie two complementary spaces: the sculpture studio and an adjacent pottery room. Compact and thoughtfully designed, a concealed dry toilet and sliding partition wall protect the pottery area from dust and debris. Glazed sliding doors open onto the allotment garden, allowing each artist to work in tranquil proximity.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal lies a deep sense of responsibility, with a desire to minimise environmental impact. The dual-pitched roof is adorned with solar panels to harness the sun’s energy. A gravity-fed system collects rainwater for cleaning and irrigating vegetables.

The garden sanctuary is a testament to the clients’ shared vision of life in art and nature. A place to nurture not only sculptures and vegetables but also their imagination.

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